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Las Vegas Map

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Las Vegas Hotels Map


Getting a map of the Las Vegas strip should be among one of your first priorities when you you arrive in town. As the Strip is rather large, the Las Vegas map will help show you exactly where you need to go. There are several different types of maps you can get, ranging from the tourists Las Vegas strip map to road maps of the area around the strips. If you plan on driving, you will want to invest in maps of all types, as there are numerous ways on and off of the strip.

When you get your Las Vegas Map, you will need to decide whether or not you want something more than the free maps that are handed out around town. Las Vegas maps that include the entire city and suburbia is highly useful for those who want to explore the city. These maps are complete road maps that also mark attractions for tourists and residents.

The Las Vegas Strip Map

There are several characteristics to the Las Vegas Strip map that you should be aware of. First, there is the transit system. This consists of shuttles to and from the airport, as well as between the hotel and casinos. These tend to be attached to various hotels and marked with symbols. As there are several different shuttle lines, you will want to make certain the shuttle you are looking at goes to all of the places that you want. In addition to the shuttles, the strip maps include the hotels and their locations in conjunction to one another. Some of the more complex and expensive maps will also have basic floor plans of the hotels and casinos to help you get around. All tourist attractions along the Strip should be marked.

City of Las Vegas Maps

When you are shopping for a good Las Vegas map, you will want to make certain it is a full fledged atlas style road map. All streets should be listed, as well as some major points like parks and very popular attractions. This is a useful tool to help you get to your hotel if yours is off of the Strip.

Souvenir Maps

In addition to the useful maps you can find or purchase along the Strip, there are souvenir maps available that show the general lay of Las Vegas. These trinkets can be given as cute gifts. These styles of maps should not be used as a guide to help you around Las Vegas, as they may not be as accurate as possible.